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Six Tips to Get You Started Working From Home Full Time

Get up in the morning, have breakfast, see the kids off to school. Then sit down at your desk – [...]

Why 2.33pm Christmas Eve could be the most stressful time of your whole year (Official!)

And what you can do NOW so it isn’t Christmas Eve.  If the ads are to be believed it’s a time [...]

Redundancy…the end or the beginning?

At some point in your life you will either experience redundancy first hand or know someone who [...]

A thought for September

It is September. Autumn is coming in fast. Already we are pulling the curtains much earlier, the [...]

Complimentary Prosecco reception for all your guests when you book your Christmas Event at Balls Brothers Hays Galleria.

Balls Brothers Hays Galleria – Balls Brothers Hays Galleria is a recently refurbished vaulted Bar [...]


HOW TO SPEAK WITHOUT SAYING A WORD! Romance, opera, gondolas, Chianti, haute couture - they are [...]

Decoding the mystery of SEO

Sorry for sounding a bit cryptic with the title of this post, but the truth is that no matter what [...]

What price is an education?

Worried about school and / or university fees?  Here's a useful article highlighting the options [...]

The Power of Taking Time Off

An inspiring business woman I know has recently decided to take a sabbatical for various reasons [...]

Autumn – it’s the perfect season for an Aesthetic Treatment!

Summer is fading and Autumn is approaching - this is the time for digging out your warm clothes [...]

North Korea crisis: What should investors do?

An interesting commentary for anyone worried about how the North Korean threat might impact their [...]

Brexit, short read, no jargon promise

SME owners - Brexit implications for you (if you feel unprepared) – short note / no jargon [...]

Official Book Launch – How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Johann is absolutely delighted to announce the launch of her book entitled 'How To Get A Good [...]

Book Launch success with WIBN and Siobhan Fitzpatrick

Johann Callaghan had a very successful night at the launch of her new book 'How To Get A Good [...]

5 Tips for Local Businesses to Harness the Power of Instagram

No doubt you already know the value of using Instagram to promote your business. But if your [...]

To spend or not to spend??

Yes - Payday is here. It's a Saturday morning and you may be about to hit the shops....spend spend [...]

We chat to Charlotte, a medical student who’s been at Arthur Rank Hospice for seven weeks

We discover a bit more about what she's been up to and why it has been of value – for her and for [...]

How Loneliness is Affecting Men’s Health

Battling loneliness is something that all of us will have to go through during our life, and men [...]

Contemporary Garden

I just love my job ! Each customer has their own idea of what a garden means to them, just the [...]

Fire and Ice Facial for a more radiant complexion

As we get older, our skin’s ability to shed old skin cells effectively is reduced and [...]

Liberta Business Travel

Liberta Business Travel is a new and established Company that specialises in female [...]