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2nd Annual Yorkshire Women in Business Day 2016

On 10th November 2016, 100 women came together at the Novotel York.  The event enabled members [...]

What is the Minimum Landlord Obligation?

We get asked this a lot from non-clients. But in a way that’s exasperated, so landlords must be [...]

Coach Me Well – Sustained Weight Loss & Well-Being Programme

Coach Me Well…the last Weight Loss and Well-Being Programme you will ever need As the title [...]

Do you have a “Plan B”?

Five months after the UK voted to leave the European Union, you could be forgiven for thinking that [...]

Dyslexia Awareness Week – how dyslexia affects different people

We are midway through Dyslexia Awareness Week 2016. Today the British Dyslexia Association is [...]

Foods to increase your brain power

How what you eat can boost your brain You could say this blog is quite literally ‘food for [...]

Dyslexia Awareness Week – diagnosing dyslexia

Today sees the start of Dyslexia Awareness Week 2016. Every day this week the British Dyslexia [...]

The Marketing Power of Content Videos and Animations

Do you have a book, service or a product that could do with some friendly illustrations or [...]

4 Ways to Relax Instantly at Work

4 Ways to Relax Instantly Originally posted at MyMoodandMe Feeling overwhelmed, or stressed? Need [...]


When you meet someone for the first time, you look at their face, is it a face that attracts your [...]

Would you trust an unregulated business?

Did you know that a funeral director does not need any qualifications in order to carry out funeral [...]

Why being an enabler is not a bad thing? By Heather Darnell @ ask-the-boss.co.uk

Lots of people ask “Why did you start your company?” The normal answers are “I wanted to [...]

The Tale of the Billionaire and the Supermodel – How choosing the Country you divorce in can affect the financial settlement!

How Choosing the Country you Divorce in Can Affect the Financial Settlement The divorce of [...]

The Art of Public Speaking

The Art of Public Speaking Bobby Womack, a famous musician, is quoted as having said, “Always [...]

Love the Skin you’re In!

Unfortunately, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – and the culprit is a psychological [...]

A thought for November from Your Critical Friend

It is November. Half term is over, the clocks have gone back, Halloween pumpkins are in the bin and [...]

Ten ways job seekers kill their chances

Don’t fall into the trap of doing any of these when looking for a new [...]

3 things I learned from running a half marathon

I believe opportunities for personal learning and development are everywhere, and they land for us [...]

The economic consequences of Donald Trump

With the election of Donald Trump, The Economist looks at how his potential policies could affect [...]