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The economic consequences of Donald Trump

With the election of Donald Trump, The Economist looks at how his potential policies could affect [...]

Win business and engage your followers by developing your personal ‘style guide’

I had a meeting with a potential client last week, about writing some blogs for their [...]

Donald Trump to be president

Donald Trump to be president Brewin Dolphin’s view [...]

A well thought out marketing campaign should grab your audience’s attention and have a lasting memory.

I listen to my clients in order to get their core values across in visuals. I provide well thought [...]


We know, we know, we know…you hate us a little bit right now. We brought up the C-Word and it’s [...]

Increase your online presence

Do you consider doing digital marketing for your brand? Are you trying to expand your brand's [...]

Working from Home

As a small business owner, one of the things I have become used to, is working from home. When you [...]

What is the Power of 3? Why is it so useful in marketing?

The Power of 3 Three is indeed a magic number, but what is the mystery that lies behind the [...]

Creating a Magical room for your Child.

Can you believe it is November, how did that happen? Once again I find myself in the throws of the [...]

14 days to go! Please pledge to create my Home Declutter Kit

It has been my dream to make the process I use available to everyone. It is particularly great for [...]

Hygge – the Danish art of living

I’m on a countdown…. Sigh! Can’t wait for my annual weekend of Hygge – relaxing, unwinding [...]

New York Marathon – 2 weeks to go

  Yesterday we did our 20 mile training walk in London in just 6 hours 15 minutes and [...]

Happy Diwali

For anyone celebrating, Happy Diwali on Sunday [...]

Brexit revisited

Brexit revisited In the immediate aftermath of the UK referendum decision we produced [...]

That Extra Pair of Hands….only when you need them

Life runs at an extraordinary pace.  There are always a thousand jobs to do, and sometimes it's [...]

Child Genius


ACCA launch qualifications innovations

The ACCA have launched qualifications innovations with the changes intending to meet the challenges [...]

Corporate Wellness Programmes: How Happy Employees mean Better Business

  Corporate Wellness Programmes: How Happy Employees mean Better Business When [...]

Do you or someone you know have an eating disorder?

Do you know someone who has an eating disorder or someone you suspect may have?  If so, you [...]

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