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Ask the reporter – Q&A with Hannah McNulty from ITV

HK Communications sat down with Hannah McNulty, reporter at ITV Border, to discuss what stories [...]

Why Do You Need Branding Guidelines?

Branding guidelines are the glue that holds your brand identity together; it holds the key to [...]

How to create video using your Digital camera or Smartphone

Exclusive to WIBN members - workshops to teach you how to capture the best footage on a [...]

What do you want from your video company?

  Hi guys, I'm Geraldine Weber C.O.O. of Visual (www.visualvideo.ie) & I've recently [...]

Why HRT isn’t the answer

So you’ve reached the point where you can’t ignore your hot flushes any longer. Other people [...]

Successful ‘Women In Tech’ Are Choosing DabApps

DabApps Press Release: Hannah McIntyre, Co-founder of CrunchBoards, business woman and digital [...]

Cancer & Skincare

We’ve just had World Cancer Day earlier this month, and it made me reflect – I’m sure along [...]

Marybow Property home refurbishment in East London

http://www.marybowproperty.com/ The client purchased a buy-to-let Victorian terraced house in East [...]

How a VA helps your business

We share how Virtual Assistants help your [...]

From Concept to Finished Product – Shoe Designing Explained

People often ask me how I get inspiration for designing shoes. Well inspiration comes from things [...]

Sheffield now launched!!

On February 10th 2016 the 6th Yorkshire group launched in Sheffield.  Over 30 women in business [...]

VIP Patient Rewards App launched

We're excited to announce the launch of our Appearance Based Medicine VIP Patient Rewards [...]


Do you think that Britain needs a pay rise? How do you think your wages compare to others? Are [...]

How comfortable do you feel within your own skin!?

Is Acne getting you down? Are you looking for a non-invasive treatment for fine lines and [...]

Victoria and Westminster Launch plus explanation video

Victoria and Westminster WIBN launches on the 3rd March. Find out more about the launch and the [...]

Alternative Boardroom Network – Social Media

Social media - its everywhere isn't it? But some people still don't know how to get the most out of [...]

Women in Business Yorkshire Conference 2015 video and testimonials

We held our first Women in Business Conference in November 2015.  Thanks to one of our members we [...]

Why effective marketing is planned marketing

January 26th – “to do” list 1. Choose blog topic 2. Write blog 3. Get blog proofed 4. [...]