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Can EMDR Therapy help YOU or someone you know?

EMDR Therapy is an amazing psychological therapy for trauma and other mental health [...]


Is your dogs behaviour getting seriously out of control? Are the problems now impacting your [...]

7 Tips for Getting the Important Stuff done!

What is it that prevents us from getting the important stuff done? I recently held a workshop with [...]

Check out this inspirational woman – and her latest oarsome challenge

Paralympic gold medal rower Naomi Riches MBE is preparing for a new challenge - one which will see [...]

Stretches at your desk to avoid getting tense

As human beings we were not built to sit for long periods of time - however - we do! Here are [...]

Well done TeamGB

The Olympics is well underway and TeamGB have won the first two medals. How many more can be [...]

Why is nutrition advice always so confusing?

That’s what I am often asked, and I can’t blame anyone, because it really is confusing. It is [...]

Down Days

We all have days when our mood is low or we feel fat, bloated and frumpy, days when not only our [...]

Putting a face to your business

People buy people, that is still true in these times of google and internet. But how do you put a [...]

If you’re not with the PIG your bills are TOO BIG!

Why choose the Utility Warehouse? WHICH has given them Best Buy or Best Provider awards every [...]

Social Media Workshop testimonial

Recently I hosted my first social media workshop, and these two delegates share their thoughts on [...]

Jargon Buster For All Your Money Advice

Check out our latest blog post - essentially  a dictionary of Jargon you might hear when you're [...]

Can you relate to this?

Hello everyone, Really glad to be joining the WIBN family especially the crew at Chingford. My [...]

My powerful weight loss journey from size 20 to 12!!

I am so impressed with the weight management products within the Forever range - I have restored my [...]

You’re having a party…

You're having a party - it's a special event! You're excited thinking about the food, because you [...]

Trust us to move you.

Ashworths is a dynamic agency specialising in residential sales across Essex and East London. Our [...]

Bennetts Funerals


Do I need a Will?

Do you know for certain what would happen to your estate if you died without a Will? Making a [...]

How to deal with returning to work after a holiday

Returning to work following a holiday can sometimes be tricky. These tips will help you when you [...]

One less thing to worry about this Summer – Set up an auto reply on Facebook Messenger

The Summer holidays are fast approaching and for many of us, the juggling act begins.  Did you [...]