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One less thing to worry about this Summer – Set up an auto reply on Facebook Messenger

The Summer holidays are fast approaching and for many of us, the juggling act begins.  Did you [...]

Innovate UK’s essential tips for business networking?


A thought for July from Your Critical Friend

It is July and I had expected to be writing about Wimbledon and playing tennis with clients. [...]

Kirklees and Calderdale Group Launch

Around 30 women from the Kirklees, Calderdale and wider area came together at a fabulous venue, Bar [...]

Is being thirsty making you fat?

That may sound like a strange statement but did you know that by being dehydrated the body will [...]

How to deliver sales from content marketing

Hi Ladies, This is my first blog to go live on here, I'm really enjoying reading all the posts [...]

Is it true that being out in the sun can ‘speed up’ the appearance of lines and wrinkles?

Question: Is it true that being out in the sun can ‘speed up’ the appearance of lines and [...]

Dermalux LED Light Therapy – the science behind the treatment

Dermalux LED Light Therapy – the science behind the treatment When patients come to Appearance [...]

Promotional Video

Please take a look at my promotional video. Big thanks to Lucy McMillan, Kate Storr and Louisa [...]

Stay ‘Sun Safe’ this Summer – and enjoy your holidays!

Stay ‘Sun Safe’ this Summer – and enjoy your holidays! As the temperature rises, most of [...]

Networking with Inspiring Women

Whether employed or a business owner, the Women in Business Network has a huge diversity of [...]

Branding Strength

I am given lots of briefs to write for various products. I have become super canny in my process of [...]

Introduction to Business Coaching – Group Taster session

Hello everybody! I would like to invite you to an event entitled the Introduction to Business [...]

Visit Iceland!

Are you disappointed by the football result between England and Iceland but intrigued by this small [...]

A thought for June from Your Critical Friend

July already. Lots of clients are examining how things are going right now as they start to prepare [...]

Going, going gone! – Brexit and its implications on Employment Law

What a week! I don’t know about you, but the last episode of Game of Thrones had us on the edge [...]

Why women should weight train

My top reasons why we should all be weight training but for some reason women tend to shy away from [...]

15% Discount for WIBN Ladies off all Junamoon products available until 31st August 2016

Junamoon produce beautiful handmade British beds made in Yorkshire! We use colourful and [...]

Limited Company or Sole Trader? – Choosing a legal entity for your business

Selecting a legal entity for your new venture Limited company or sole trader? This is probably the [...]

How can an accountant help me grow my business?

Some people may only use their accountant to ensure they don’t miss any filing deadlines for [...]

How do diet and lifestyle affect immunity against cancer?

Ok, this isn't an easy subject but that doesn't mean we should avoid it - the link between diet and [...]