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One quick exercise to get a stronger and more successful team

A little while ago I took a trustee board through a very simple exercise which, though creative and [...]

How to survive the Family at Christmas

Let’s face it – no matter how much you look forward to it – it is always [...]


Some fundamental changes for landlords were announced in the 2015 Summer Budget. They are not [...]

How and where can Dermal Fillers help?

How and where can Dermal Fillers help? Here at Appearance Based Medicine, we have three main [...]

Great Blogging Tips from a Copywriter – Part 2

Grab a coffee and read the second part of my 'blog' blog! Great Blogging Tips - Part [...]

Great Blogging Tips from a Copywriter – Part 1

Interested in blogging? Read Part 1 of my latest 'blog' blog for some useful tips... Great Blogging [...]

WIBN IRELAND Needs Your Support

WIBN Ireland launches it's first two groups in Dublin at the beginning of 2016. Tuesday 26th [...]

Who do you know in Sheffield?

Our next Yorkshire group launches in Sheffield on Wednesday 10th February 2016.  Bookings are [...]

Kirstie Richardson – Alexander Technique workshops and lessons in South Essex

Alexander Technique is a learned skill, taught by gentle hands-on contact and explanation. [...]

Gratitude the Panacea for Unhappiness

Ever pondered the effect of "Gratitude on Happiness" or the cure for Unhappiness? I have & here [...]

Sample Mood boards

Moad Boards are the starting blocks for a well thought through design process when it comes to [...]

1st Yorkshire Women in Business Day!

Nearly 70 business women from around the Yorkshire region came together for the first ever [...]

Avoid the dreaded ‘Gift-Face’ this Christmas!!

Have you heard of ‘Gift-Face’? It’s an involuntary grimace-type smile displayed by a friend [...]

Rubik’s get Stripe Payment Gateway

Earlier this year we implemented the Stripe payment gateway on the Rubik's Cube US website, now [...]

Naturopath Specialising In The Family

Do you know what a Naturopath is?  Or wonder how they might be able to support you and your baby [...]

How Businesses are Getting Driven by Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

Energy conservation plays a huge role in preserving the environment. With all the information and [...]

How to have a peaceful pup by Karen Scott

Meet the Business Woman Behind Peaceful Pups ....... Your name? Karen Scott Your business [...]

Managing Menopause the Smart Way

Menopause and it’s precursor perimenopause can hit you like a truck and leave you feeling [...]

Time for a new trend. Introducing collaboration.

Networking is like my favourite go-to handbag. Good quality, trusty and reliable. It happens to be [...]

Networking. Dead or Alive?

So I recently came across a great blog post by an ex-colleague of mine who is Director of Content [...]