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Making Your Home Safer with These Senior Home Improvement Tips

Our seniors may require a higher level of comfort in their homes. Although they make the effort to [...]

5 Great Reasons to take up Pilates in 2016

With our bodies, finances and emotions maxxed out after the Festive season it’s tempting to take [...]

Free Family Law Advice

Devonshires Solicitors’ Family Team runs a free drop-in clinic to provide expert legal advice in [...]

Why create a whiteboard video


You & Your Business

This morning workshop is for you to take time out and take a step back from your business, but a [...]

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a very happy [...]

Time for Change?

Our health and wellbeing is so important and taking a positive step at the start of a new year is [...]

What are Some of the World’s Most Expensive Beauty Treatments?

Are you willing to spend $1,000 on a facial or $5,000 on special bath water? What about a million [...]

DezEvents Intro vid: who I am and what I do!


The Christmas Message from Lizzie!

Lizzie Phillips from WIBN gives her Christmas networking message [...]

Stay In Balance This Christmas with our stressbusting tips!

The festive season is a classic time of year for STRESS……..family gatherings, over excited [...]

Tips that actually work to rent your property in winter

The dreaded winter-let. People say “Never let in December” but life happens and for whatever [...]

Let go to grow – a key to success for the entrepreneur

You built it from nothing; you’ve sweated, toiled, shouted, questioned, persuaded, co-operated [...]

The world at sunrise

I love to create images that use beautiful natural light. Sunrise and sunset are my favourite times [...]

All about the importance of networking – something close to the heart of all WIBN members

I wrote this on my new 'creative business training' blog as I have learned the importance of [...]

One quick exercise to get a stronger and more successful team

A little while ago I took a trustee board through a very simple exercise which, though creative and [...]

How to survive the Family at Christmas

Let’s face it – no matter how much you look forward to it – it is always [...]


Some fundamental changes for landlords were announced in the 2015 Summer Budget. They are not [...]

How and where can Dermal Fillers help?

How and where can Dermal Fillers help? Here at Appearance Based Medicine, we have three main [...]