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Director of Fun-draising and Communications at this very special charity.

Working with a wonderful group of people, meeting inspirational patients and their relatives and [...]

How the heck do you find a good builder?

In our inaugural blog post, we focussed on how you can effectively interview a builder for your [...]

Climbing Turn: Game of Thrones

We're pleased to say that Richard Bradshaw, the stunt co-ordinator for Game of Thrones and stunt [...]

Chanel inspired bridal headpice

Bridal headpiece made with vintage pearls. I can make headpieces for costume dramas, theatre [...]

Top 10 things to know for New to Cruise

Top 10 things to know for new cruisers, but before we even hit the top 10, always talk to a travel [...]

The two things you must do for a good nights sleep

If you’re one of the 60% of adults mainlining caffeine at your desk this morning because [...]

The WIBN Pen Challenge

Lizzie Phillips sets her members of the Women In Business Network the Pen Challenge. Learn how you [...]

Visiting London 13/10/15

I'm visiting the London St Paul's branch next Tuesday and would like to schedule a 1-2-1 whilst [...]

Anyone can write copy, right?

I saw a great graphic doing the rounds on Facebook yesterday which visualised the different search [...]

How’s your agent?


Daylight Robbery

Have you noticed how the range of LED lights has broadened recently, now including dimmer lights, [...]

Is hormone imbalance keeping you awake at night?

How did you sleep last night? Did you nod off quite quickly, sleep through and then bounce out of [...]

Looking for an Animator

I'm looking for an animator: someone who can turn photos into animated drawings.  Can you [...]

Award winning photography from the York Group!

Congratulations to our York member, Annemarie King from The Phodographer who was recently awarded [...]

Stress Techniques and Legal Compliance FREE morning workshop

Join Paula , stress specialist, and Elaine, employment law specialist for FREE morning workshop to [...]

We have created a German version of the Rubik’s European Website

Rubik's Brand have three websites dedicated to the Rubik's cube.  Depending upon your location, [...]

Choking – Adult or Child

A short video blog to explain to Ladies  / mothers how to deal with Choking of Child or [...]

Short introduction to Grey Matters Consultancy

A short film we created to introduce and explain what Grey Matters Consultancy does for the [...]

Why sleep is important for you and what happens if you don’t get enough!

60% of UK adults suffer sleep issues 3 – 4 nights every week. Is that you? Do you struggle to [...]