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Is the Family Friendly Club getting a new member? Grandparental Leave

Maternity Leave, Parental Leave, Dependents Leave, Adoption Leave, Paternity leave and of course [...]

Female Founders- Interview

I often get asked what brought me to start the business. Here is the first ever business interview [...]

A Week Without Social Media….

So. I spend most of my working day on social media looking after clients accounts and my own [...]

MINDFULNESS taster session (2 hrs, Sat 26 Sept), Canary Wharf, London, E14

Heard of mindfulness? Want to know how it can improve your effectiveness at work and sense of [...]

Brand vs. Logo

We have touched on this subject before in our series of blogs on branding myths [...]

Structured Settlements: How & Why They are the Right Financial Option Today

For people who live paycheck to paycheck, often struggling to meet their various financial [...]

Entrepreneur Mistake No. 8 Mistakes

Its Monday evening and its raining from my window. I hope its not raining where you are. I [...]

Discover the art of employee happiness – join us on 24th September!

Join us at our Breathing Space event in Brighton on employee happiness. Learn how to build and [...]


Good morning Everyone, On this beautiful clear morning I am offering you 25% off any of our Skin [...]

Soothe Your Soul In Santorini. Art & Mindfulness around this Stunning Island – Special for WIBN

Welcome Ladies. Retreat with an expert retreat leader. Explore, rewind and renew with our [...]

Drawing – 10 Benefits of Art to Kids Academically

Before moving forward, firstly I’d like to thank WIBN to creating such a wonderful platform that [...]

Do you know someone who suffers with Anxiety or Panic Attacks?

Clinical Hypnotherapy coupled with a variety of effective NLP techniques can be extremely [...]

Summer Special Offer Week 4

Good morning everyone! This week I am happy to offer 3-4-2 on all things makeup!  If you would [...]

One of my Fascinator’s in The Daily Mail

                Lydia Lucy from The [...]


Whilst you are all having a wonderful summer take a moment to think about what your clients and [...]

How to get the most from WIBN – bake off style

So now you are a member, how do you get the most from WIBN? Why not view the video to get some [...]

Special Summer Offer Week 3

This week, it is all about the eyes! Take advantage of some of our best sellers and award winning [...]

Staying Private On Facebook

Rule #1 of Facebook is that you have to have a personal profile - that's you as an individual - and [...]

Lizzie Phillips WIBN ten year top tips – Visiting other groups

Associate Lizzie Phillips is celebrating the WIBN ten year anniversary with top tips. This week's [...]

WIBN 10 year anniversary – what to do once you have joined

To celebrate WIBN 10 year anniversary Lizzie Phillips has put together top tips relating to being a [...]