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What is a critical friend and how might I add value to your business?
I am a personal mentor who will work with you, 1 to 1, to help unpick business issues, work through options and create effective and profitable solutions. I believe in you and your desire to succeed and help you unlock your thinking.
Business is exciting except on days when everything is grey, when each moment brings another problem and you feel alone with no one listening to what you say. These are the days when a critical friend can make a huge difference.
I can:
• Give you objective advice from an unbiased perspective
• Be the sounding board you need to test and develop your ideas
• Give you confidence to try something new and walk with you as you try it
• Suggest new strategies and inspire you to think wider
• Help you review what you have done and learn from the results
• Help you to build new relationships and strengthen existing links
You will need different things at different times and I work wherever you are to get to wherever you want to be. A current client says “Working with Liz saw my business double in the first year with her. She helps you to make things happen and see opportunities you never realised were out there.” I don’t promise such great results for everyone but I will help you to harness your passion and succeed.

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