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Joanne always wanted to be a writer, from a teenager, when she won a local library short story competition. Over the years she began several times to write a novel, but never managed to complete one, until she became inspired by Richard III, the famous King in the Car Park. She became so interested that she read any books she could about him, but always knew how they would end, so she decided to write an alternative history and Richard Liveth Yet was born. In it, Richard travels through time and finds out he lost at Bosworth, so he has to find out what went wrong and try to go back to change history. She has since published a follow-up, Richard Liveth Yet (Book II): A Foreign Country, in which the heroine of the first book, Rose, travels back to Richard's time and meets various famous contemporaries of Richard, like Columbus and Leonardo da Vinci. Jo is currently editing the third book in the trilogy: RLY (Book III): Hearts Never Change

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