Welcome to ‘Posts From WIBN & Our Members’.

Here at WIBN, we’ve got your back. We know that the most crucial thing we’ve been doing for women for the past 15 years is something that no pandemic can stop – providing support for one another and support for your businesses.

While the government guidelines are encouraging a return to the new normal, we know that each person’s attitude to how much they are prepared to ease lockdown varies and so some of our meetings will remain online at the moment and some may return to venues in the near future where it is safe to do so. Your safety and that of our Franchisees is our priority.

Now more than ever, we know that you’ll need the connections, support, guidance, advice, advocates and network to future proof your business, that being in a WIBN group provides.

We want to thank our members for all their continued support. We know that our members have found their network to be a huge help during these unprecedented times. To help them, we’re offering a virtual passport which allows you to visit any other WIBN meeting. Contact your Franchisee for more info.

If you are new to networking, there has never been a better time to start!  Particularly in this time of crisis, there is a need for a community.

We warmly welcome visitors to our online lunchtime meetings, where you can meet like-minded business women from the comfort of your own home. Simply find your geographical area and contact your WIBN Franchisee for details of their next meeting.

At WIBN we are here for you – here to help, and here to support you.

Our members tell us that WIBN is an investment in your business and your relationships. The very nature of our meetings – the same groups, the same people, at the same time continue to nurture and strengthen those investments and relationships. We’ve seen business communities coming together during this virus already and our WIBN community is doing that too.  You, our members, make this community what it is.

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