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WIBN – The Women in Business Network is a membership organisation for women who wish to gain new business opportunities through word of mouth. WIBN has an extensive network of local groups around the UK and in the Republic of Ireland. We offer business women a forum to network their business and meet likeminded individuals. WIBN Membership is open to both business owners and employed women.

This is a place to share and encourage WIBN members with business advice, tips, articles, useful blogs and information to support women in business. If you have won an award or want to share press coverage you have received, you can also share it here.

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How collaboration can help everyone

Haslingfield Choir has just launched its first website with the help of local artist Ophelia [...]

How to support mums returning to work

Returning to work after maternity or adoption leave is often a stressful time for mums. Many [...]

Running your own business can be overwhelming

Are you feeling snowed under?  It's a juggling act running your own business - we can have a [...]

A thought for July

July – the wonderful month of Henley and Wimbledon. Schools are in the exciting time of [...]

The #1 Source of Ideas for Your Business Blog

"But I don't know what to blog about!" A phrase I hear from my SEO clients often. Blogging is a [...]

Tips for downsizing

Downsizing! I wanted to share this video I made for Churchill Retirement Living about how [...]

Make room for your future with the Home Declutter Kit

My Home Declutter Kit offers a simple, easy way to detox your living space and clear clutter from [...]

How has web design changed in the last 19 years?

Why 19 you may ask. That’s because Catfish Web Design was born in 1999. Way back then we were [...]

How to boost your online profile in just 30 minutes a week

Do you know what 80% of people do before they go shopping? They Google, that’s what. And if [...]

Can your thoughts be making you ill?

My Mum passed away from cancer at Christmas 20 years ago. She was 47 years old and like so many [...]

5 ways to change your financial future

Five ways to change your financial future: Be aware of your finances. We often meet people [...]

Keeping your business body healthy!

This time two years ago, I spent my last day working in HR.  I had handed in my notice three [...]

Crafting a successful blog post

We all want our websites to work hard for us but not every business has the means to employ [...]

The #1 simple yet powerful tool to get more local business

Do you have 30 minutes to spare to vastly improve your website’s visibility in search [...]

A thought for June

June already. Where is the year going? Lots of young people taking exams, poor things. Lots of hay [...]

Probationary periods – why bother?

  There is no legal requirement to have a probationary period but by having it written into a [...]

Can classic cars boost your finances as well as your heart rate?

Classic cars can certainly set the pulse racing, but price data shows that over the longer term [...]

Equality in the Workplace – Travel Industry Research

Are you interested in sharing your thoughts on equality in the workplace? Do you work within an [...]

From socially anxious to deliciously confident | How my client transformed her confidence

One of the first questions people ask me is 'why did you choose to be an etiquette coach?' The [...]

Debut nutritional cook-book

Aiming to make food fun and engaging via this nutritional debut cookbook, Nutrition Advisor and [...]