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Why Blogging is Good for Business

Google loves bloggers! At the risk of causing a glitch in the matrix please read my latest blog [...]

Are you actively promoting your blog?

Fun Fact: There are 2.9 MILLION new blog posts on WordPress EVERY DAY! That's not counting new [...]

Abolishing Section 21

This weekend will see the end of the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government’s [...]

What do I do when someone is suicidal?

World Mental Health Day is on October 10th and this year, the theme is Suicide Prevention. EVERY [...]

Password Security Really IS Important!

“I keep all my passwords in a notebook” We heard this gem of "advice" at a networking event a [...]

October Thought

It is October. Autumn is well and truly here: wind, rain, long nights and the clocks will change on [...]

A Recipe for Networking Success

A Recipe for Networking Success Watching The Great British Bake Off got me thinking about how [...]

What’s with the Menopause?

What’s with the Menopause? For a vast majority of women, menopause symptoms are mild and do [...]

Looking for a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and The Importance of Accreditation

Over the last few years there has been an increasing demand for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). [...]

BREXIT – GREEN CARDS – Important Update

🚗 BREXIT - GREEN CARDS - UPDATE 🚛 In the event of the UK leaving the [...]

Making the most of your Google My Business listing

Every business should have a Google My Business listing! It’s free to set up and when done [...]

Ways to quieten your Imposter Syndrome

Ever feel like an Imposter in your own life? If you find yourself doubting your [...]

De-stress from the inside out – Guest on the Linda Muyobo show

I was recently a guest on the Linda Muyobo show talking about stress and self-care.  If stress and [...]

Happy New Year!

No, don’t worry, I’ve not gone mad.  It’s just that this time of year has always felt like a [...]

Your Basic SEO Health Check List

There are four key on-page (i.e. what your visitors see) elements to get right for SEO to [...]

Six constructive steps for dealing with overwhelm

Six constructive steps for dealing with overwhelm Overwhelm is something that I feel [...]

A thought for September

It is September and time for my Thought but this month it is not my usual musing. I have been [...]


We have six distinct market segments that we serve with print production and project management [...]

Unique, bespoke and a huge dollop of colour

Something to (literally) brighten your morning: I’ve been working on a big commission this summer [...]

Are we living in the century of lost images?

I heard this phrase “the century of lost images” at a trade show I attended recently — and I [...]

5 tips for creating a logo

If you set up a new company and would like a logo for your business, start with our top tips on how [...]