10 Top Tips to Maximise your Productivity

It’s national  ‘Work Wise’ week this month and I’m sharing my favourite productivity tips to help encourage work-life balance and inspire you to be as productive as possible.  Some are old favourites, and others have evolved out of my  coaching and workshops around running your business better. Why not take a look and see if you can spot an idea that will work for you?

1. Identify your top priority action – do this each evening for the next day and then tackle your priority task first each morning.

2. Buy a timer! Yes I know we all have them on our phones but then you get tempted to look at other stuff, which leads to distraction and time wasting!

3. Book a time slot in your calendar for big or boring tasks then set the timer for 30 minutes at the start. Focus on that one task until the timer goes off, then stop and take a break. Repeat if necessary.

4. Identify one thing you’re really weak at doing, and stop doing it. If necessary find someone else to do it for you! Play to your strengths not your weaknesses.

5. Use Einstein’s ‘urgent and important’ matrix. If you’re trying to decide what to focus on today, ask yourself, is this urgent AND important? If the answer is yes, it goes on the list!

6. If there’s something you put off because you hate it or find it hard, get someone else to help – swap skills and help them with something that’s easy for you but hard for them.

7. Get clear on the key social media channels for your business (probably 2 or at most 3). Use Buffer or Hootsuite to pre-program some core communications to keep you active and visible. Then supplement this with pro-active visits (liking, commenting, tagging, etc) when you can spare 10 minutes, but don’t get sucked into spending hours on social media! If this is a weakness, set your timer for 10 minutes before you start and force yourself to stop when the timer goes off.

8. Make sure you take a break at lunchtime to eat and go for a walk (however short) in the fresh air. Our brains need food, exercise and rest to function at their best.

9. If there’s something you’re struggling with, have a quick brainstorming session with two or three (or more) friends. Briefly describe the issue that’s bothering you, and then sit tight (and silent) for 2 minutes while your friends come up with as many suggestions as possible for ways to tackle it. Write down all their ideas, however whacky and even if you’ve tried them before. See how many ideas you can collect. Afterwards reflect on your list. What could you try, adapt or explore?

10. Make yourself accountable. Work with a business buddy to each commit to the actions you want to take in the next week / month. Then schedule a weekly / monthly call or coffee to catch up and feedback on what you’ve done.

Which of these tips do you already use to maximise your productivity? Or is there one you’d like to try? I’d love to hear how you get on so do let me know.