14 days to go! Please pledge to create my Home Declutter Kit

It has been my dream to make the process I use available to everyone. It is particularly great for mums who want to teach their kids how to tidy up.

Using beautifully illustrated cards this home declutter kit reveals the secrets to a calmer, simpler, clutter-free and nurturing home.

The Home Declutter Kit is a simple, step-by-step decluttering process in a box. The first of its kind, the Kit consists of an easy-to-use guide revealing the secrets of my tried and tested process and a set of over 30 beautifully-illustrated prompt cards. It will help anyone to clear and transform their room or home, creating calm from clutter and with your everyday tidy up.

The Kit is for anyone who would like to create a simpler, calmer home environment that supports them to live the life they aspire to and wants to make a positive shift towards making this happen.

It can help anyone who has a little too much stuff in their life and not quite enough space. It can also help anyone who has gone through loss, is struggling with a major life change, feels stuck, depressed or overwhelmed. Anyone whose emotions clutter up their life and are actually standing in the way of them pursuing their dreams and living a more fulfilling life.

Anyone who, like me, has struggled to make changes in their lives. People like the amazing decluttering clients I’ve worked with over the years who are proof that change is possible.

If this sounds like you, the Home Declutter Kit will help you create change in your home and your life.

Please help me to bring this product to people who need it by pledging your support and sharing with those who might need it. If we hit our target, we can deliver this product to you in time for your 2017 spring clean!