3 LinkedIn Tips to make you stand out

LinkedIn is an awesome tool for keeping in touch with your contacts, finding leads and getting and giving recommendations. It has lots of features that are not common place and getting to grips with these will make your adoption of this tool easier.


I did my first LinkedIn poll recently. It is a nifty tool for a basic poll. It tells you who selected what as well.
I think it would be useful for gauging interest in something. As an example you were debating what topics to cover for some training. You could poll to find out what people are having more issues with and focus your training on that.
You can use it ask for opinions on things like the name of a product or service or maybe a book?
I’m sure there are loads of reasons when it will come in handy. Would love to hear from you for what you would use it for.

To create a poll, Click on ‘Write a post’ and then select ‘ Create a Poll’.

Amend your URL

LinkedIn generates a standard URL that has lots of numbers in it and is of no meaning to anyone. Click on your photo, Select ‘Settings & Privacy’ and ‘Edit profile URL’ and you can change to something more meaningful. Some people include their company name or something else but at least you can remove the awful numbers.