4 Ways to Relax Instantly at Work

4 Ways to Relax Instantly

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Feeling overwhelmed, or stressed? Need to find a way to relax and do it quickly? We’ve got you covered! Feeling stressed and overwhelmed can affect everyone at some point or another; even the most relaxed person. Today we’re going to show you 4 ways you can relax instantly while you’re at work or at home.

4 ways to relax instantly
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Take a few minutes to slow your breath down. Breathe in slowly, pause, and try to see if you can you breathe out over 6-8 seconds. Just try to breathe as slowly as you can (without making yourself light-headed of course!). Doing this exercises for just 5 minutes can provide you with a quick burst of relaxation. It slows down your heart rate and gives your brain something else to focus on for a couple minutes.

Make a Cuppa

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good cup of tea. Green tea contains the amino acid theanine, which helps your brain relax while maintaining alertness. This will help you respond to stress more calmly. Plus, who couldn’t use a good break from stress by taking a second to sip on a nice warm cuppa when it’s cold outside?

Clean your Desk

Is your desk covered in clutter or messy? Having an organised workspace can help keep you focused and allow you to work more efficiently. It also saves time and stress from hunting down needed items you can’t find. Try to only keep things you use on a daily basis  on top of your desk, and everything else either organised away or tossed in the bin.


Whether it’s taking a minute to stretch, or go walk a lap around the office, try to get up and move for a few minutes. This can help relax your muscles and re-energise your body. Getting the blood flowing will help wake you up and re-energise you, in addition to providing a much-needed break from whatever it is you’re working on.