5 Day Christmas Planning Event (FREE)

Do you remember past Christmas’s as stressful events? Not any more. I have a 5 Day Christmas Planning Event to help you have a stress free Christmas. I will guide you how to plan ahead of time and keep on track for the big day. You will get:

  • My best advice and guidance to make Christmas flow smoothly
  • Templates and calendars to plan everything
  • A supportive group to help you face any challenges and find solutions
  • And much more ….

One lucky participant will also WIN a Christmas Planner to track all their planning and have a template for each and every year. The winner will have shown that they fully participated in the 5 Day event, took action, posted in the group and invited others to take part. It’s a great prize and easy to win because it’s only a short sprint course.

Message me to be added to this event. I just need your name and email address. It will be fun and give you a great start to the festivities. I promise you don’t have to wear any tinsel until December (unles you want to).