6 Top Tips for Cute Cuticles

It seems that no matter how often you book that manicure treatment you seem to still have dry cuticles that have a tendency to peel and can at times be extremely painful.

Read my top tips on how you can keep your hands looking great for longer

Nourish. Cuticle oils can be expensive and sometimes it can be hard to find a good one.  Now you do not need to look any further than the kitchen cupboard.  Olive oil is a naturally sourced product and is great for helping to hydrate and nourish the skin.  Apply a few drops to each finger just before you go to bed and massage in gently.  Be patient it takes a few weeks to work its magic!

Soak your hands
 in a bowl of warm water.  Add a slice of Lemon, as this is great way to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Push them back. Purchase some orange wood sticks from your local chemist and use them to gently push your cuticles away from the base of the nails.  Try not to over do it.

Moisturise.  Make your hand cream your best friend.  Cuticles are skin and therefore need to be kept hydrated.  Apply generous amounts of hand cream on a regular basis to keep them nice and soft.

Treat them.  Cracked, painful or red and sensitive nails are not normal.  Treat them in the first instance with a mild over the counter antiseptic cream such as “Sudacrem” or “Savlon”.  Apply last thing at night until it has healed completely.

Protect your hands from the elements and chemical drying agents by wearing gloves.

Now you have those pesky cuticles under control book in for a luxurious Jessica  nail treatment to complement those cared for cuticles.