8 things to implement to strengthen your Facebook Business Page

8 things to implement to strengthen your Facebook Business Page

On average a Facebook business post reaches just 2% of your audience.  If you’ve got 100 followers, you’re reaching 2 people.  I’ve put together 8 things you can do to strengthen your Facebook Business Page.

  1. Do:  Use a recognisable profile photo

Being recognisable on Facebook is important to getting found and liked.  Because your profile picture is at the top of your Page and used as your thumbnail for all your posts you need to make sure it’s something that your fans will associate with your brand.  Usually it’s best to go with your company logo or a profile photo if you are your business.

  1. Don’t: Leave your Company’s ‘About’ section blank

A preview of your ‘about’ section is shown beneath your profile photo.  It’s one of the first places people will look when they’re scanning your page.  Make sure you display relevant information about your company.  What you sell, your website, opening times – this will help answer customer questions right off the bat.

  1. Don’t: Post too often

Don’t overwhelm your customers by posting more than a few times per day.  Instead, spend time crafting higher quality content.

  1. Do: Use Facebook Insights to analyse your page performance

You can’t improve your FB page if you don’t know how your posts are performing.  For page-specific data, such as your engagement rate per post, head over to Insights.  Once you have these insights you can tailor your content strategy to post more of what works.  And less of what doesn’t.

  1. Don’t:  Forget about multi-media posts

Visual content is essential to succeeding on social media.  Research has shown the use of visual content in Facebook campaigns can generate 65% more engagement after only one month.

  1. Do: Post during strategic times of the day

The best time of day can vary from page to page.  But there has been some data released that shows that posts published between 1 – 4pm have the best click through and share rates.  Use this as a jumping-off point to discover which time of day works best for your page.

  1. Don’t be slow to respond

Did you know that 42% of consumers who complain on social media expect a 60-minute response time?  Whether your audience posts negative or positive comments ignoring them only creates possible disappointment.  Take a few minutes out of your day to monitor Facebook and respond to any issues that crop up.

  1. Don’t:  Make assumptions

The last thing you want is for your posts to blend in with the rest of the clutter on a customer’s new feed.  Just because a strategy works well for one industry doesn’t mean it will work well for yours.  Test your assumptions, play around to see what works well for you.

What strategies are you using to reach out to our customers on Facebook.  Please share with me, I’d love to know.  You can find me on Facebook.