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Are you getting married this year – here are some pre-Wedding Skincare Tips!

Congratulations! What an exciting time for you. If you’re arranging a Wedding for [...]

Garden Planning Starts Here !

If you're thinking of making your outdoor space a more beautiful place to linger, don't leave it [...]

Budget 2017 Highlights – How does this affect you?

Spring Budget 2017 Highlights How does it affect you? Personal Allowance As previously [...]

WIBN: What Motivates our Members to Succeed in Business

We asked our members what motivates them to make a success of their business in 2017.  Here are [...]

Introducing Magnifisense Events

Every Family Has A Story.......Welcome To Ours! After recently meeting with Louise Yexley (fab [...]

Exclusive offer for WIBN members

Eve Victoria Home Fragrance Exclusive Discount for WIBN Members  Eve Victoria candles are scented [...]

Redundancy workshop

With Brexit looming, businesses need to evaluate their options including staffing requirements and [...]

Why you should network outside your industry

Networking outside your industry is a great way to keep your outlook fresh, broaden your insight [...]

Dying just got more expensive

Last week the government published the response to its consultation on reforming the current regime [...]

Give, Rather Than Giving Up at Lent

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday 1st of March. A period of time in the Christian calendar that [...]

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Fellow members, This link takes you to one of our studio shows, where our Presenter Helen talks [...]

Garden Planning Starts Here !

If you're thinking of making your outdoor space a more beautiful place to linger, don't leave it [...]

Oops misheard song lyrics by children

Many of you may know I’m a bit hooked on Facebook. When looking through the Wakefield Mumbler [...]

10 things you should do to develop your career

It’s that time of year where many people start to doubt they’ll succeed with their New Year’s [...]

Maiden Voyage

Be Bold for Change – join us in supporting International Women’s Day  As part of [...]

A vote of ‘no confidence’ for trainers of non-medical Beauticians

Last week, at a conference run by the Journal of Aesthetic Nurses, the Medical Aesthetic [...]

2017 starts well for accountancy recruitment

This year is looking brighter, particularly in some areas, for accountancy recruiters and [...]

Why you don’t want ISO9001 for your business…

For a start, ISO 9001 costs you money and time. Time and money are precious resources.  Why waste [...]

What motivates accountants when looking for a new role?

What motivates accountants when looking for a new [...]

What to do if your child hates singing

Have you got a child who hates singing? Before my son was three years old he would cover his ears [...]

Are you tax year ready?

With the end of the tax year on the horizon this is a crucial time to prepare your finances to take [...]