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Company Director? Know The Tax Implications?

Tax Implications of being a Company Director Being a company director entails a lot more than just [...]

Olympic Reflections

It is September. I spent great chunks of August watching the Olympics and am now gorging on the [...]

Benefits of Outsourcing your Graphic Design

If your business has a regular need for graphic design, it may be a consideration to employ a [...]

Diabetes II – an epidemic spiralling out of control?

Earlier this year, Diabetes UK published the report “Diabetes UK – State of the Nation 2016”, [...]

Sir Fred – International Communication, Advertising and PR

Hello Ladies, I'd like to share with you our company video presentation. We are an [...]

New website – at last!!

My business is all about promoting others (which I love doing)!! But, when it finally came to [...]


Hello, I'm Rachel and I’m a Virgo.  Now I know we Virgos are known to be perfectionists and [...]

Should you be outsourcing more?

It's 10pm on a Friday. You have had a brilliant day learning a new skill, you signed up that new [...]

Demystifying your lotions & potions – Retinol

Demystifying your lotions and potions! Retinol For many, reading the label on the back of our [...]

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: A thing of the Past?

In August 2016 the Trade Union Congress (TUC), in association with the Everyday Sexism Project, has [...]

Girls just wanna have fun – for an amazing charity – BRA breast reconstruction!

Who doesn't love getting all glammed up in that favourite dress of yours and best shoes, having had [...]

So chuffed to be chosen as one of the 2016 Small Biz 100

Any WIBN member who doesn't know about Small Business Saturday yet, please have a look and spread [...]

The Tale of the Billionaire and the Supermodel – How choosing the Country you divorce in can affect the financial settlement!

How Choosing the Country you Divorce in Can Affect the Financial Settlement The divorce of [...]

A thought for August from Your Critical Friend

It is August and everyone seems to be looking forward to holidays, on holiday or newly back from [...]

Can EMDR Therapy help YOU or someone you know?

EMDR Therapy is an amazing psychological therapy for trauma and other mental health [...]


Is your dogs behaviour getting seriously out of control? Are the problems now impacting your [...]

7 Tips for Getting the Important Stuff done!

What is it that prevents us from getting the important stuff done? I recently held a workshop with [...]

Check out this inspirational woman – and her latest oarsome challenge

Paralympic gold medal rower Naomi Riches MBE is preparing for a new challenge - one which will see [...]

Stretches at your desk to avoid getting tense

As human beings we were not built to sit for long periods of time - however - we do! Here are [...]