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WIBN – The Women in Business Network is a membership organisation for women who wish to gain new business opportunities through word of mouth. WIBN has an extensive network of local groups around the UK and in the Republic of Ireland. We offer business women a forum to network their business and meet likeminded individuals. WIBN Membership is open to both business owners and employed women.

This is a place to share and encourage WIBN members with business advice, tips, articles, useful blogs and information to support women in business. If you have won an award or want to share press coverage you have received, you can also share it here.

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What is a Managed Print Service (MPS) & Should You Engage an MPS Provider?

In the broadest and most basic of terms, the printing in your business is either managed or it’s [...]

Should you be worried about Presenteeism?

According to CIPD research, 90% of HR people surveyed said they had witnessed people [...]

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What’s the best video length for each social media platform?

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It’s Not About Who You Know. It’s About Who Knows You.

An exciting thing happened my new business cards arrived. Woo Hoo. I promptly gave them out to my [...]

SEO Tip: Don’t believe a word

If someone contacts you promising to get your website to the top of organic search in xx [...]

How Franchising Promotes Women In Business

Pip Wilkins, CEO of the British Franchise Association (bfa), explains how the franchising industry [...]

Does what I feed my dog really matter?

Those of  you that have animals will have probably been following the debate about animal foods.  [...]

Do You and Your Teen Daughter get mistaken for Sisters?

Do you and your Daughter look more like sisters? Do you often hear that your Mum looks young for [...]

3 Simple Steps: How To Turn Your Thoughts Into Action

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All About “Readability”

What if without even being aware of it, the way you were presenting your ideas – the language you [...]

What you need to know about Facebook for business

As with all social media marketing, setting clear objectives for success and creating the right [...]

10 Things You Need To Know About Google’s Latest Algorithm

In August 2018, Google confirmed the rollout of a new broad core algorithm update. While Google [...]

Here’s our 10 top tips to keep your business safe on social media

October is the month of Halloween, ghost, ghouls and all things scary, but this doesn't have to [...]

Autumn Budget 2018

Chancellor Philip Hammond heralded that the era of austerity is coming to an end in his third [...]

How To Brief A Copywriter To Get The Best Results

Does an actor learn his lines without a script? Does a student learn without instructions from a [...]

Can a non-geek understand Google Analytics?

If you have a website, you would probably like to understand how people use it and if they get [...]

Have you secured your website with SSL?

Have you noticed that the Google Chrome browser is now marking sites without SSL i.e.  HTTP [...]

Ditch Supermarket Oven Cleaners

Did you know ? Over use of oven pride or any shop bought caustic oven product , if not cleaned off [...]