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Healthy turkey burgers with a beetroot hummus

This is a video of my first live TV cookery demo.  I really enjoyed the experience and look [...]

8 things to implement to strengthen your Facebook Business Page

8 things to implement to strengthen your Facebook Business Page On average a Facebook business [...]

Re-Think Your Stress Workshop

Would you like to have the opportunity to think about stress differently?  Would you like to [...]

Google My Business – The place to be!

We’ve been advising our clients for years to create a free Google My Business listing (previously [...]

Introducing Gossip Girl PR

Whenever I see clips of this video, I can’t help but cringe a little... I mean, my Northern [...]

How to use Facebook for Business | 5 Takeaways on Facebook Pay To Play

Got a business? Check. Got a Facebook page? Check. You might not be on Twitter with your [...]

How to End Each Workday Happy

Gratitude is the best attitude and positive thoughts are powerful are two of my main mantras. [...]

Christmas Shopping 2017

At Liberta Business Travel, complete customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do with [...]

How to Plan for a Trade Show or Exhibition

Taking your business to trade shows, expos and community networking events can be a great [...]

Variety’s Strictly Ballroom

Variety's Strictly Ballroom We'd like to thank WIBN for sponsoring this event and would like to [...]

How to find and keep the employees you really want

One of the biggest challenges all successful small business owners have to address, is how to find, [...]

Smart Small Business Blogging Tips

We’re coming to the end of social media month where I’ve been sharing lots of handy tips and [...]

It’s NOT as spooky as it sounds! PRP Therapy / The Vampire Facelift

With Halloween just around the corner, and pumpkins, ghosts and ghouls already filling the [...]

Reflecting on My First 6 Months in Business

2017 was the year I embarked on a new challenge to set up my own business as a Virtual Assistant.  [...]

12 Facebook Post Ideas for Small Business Owners

This month we’ve been sharing lots of useful tips for small business owners to improve their [...]

Queen Bee Events – A New Business

What is Queen Bee [...]

Six Tips to Get You Started Working From Home Full Time

Get up in the morning, have breakfast, see the kids off to school. Then sit down at your desk – [...]

Why 2.33pm Christmas Eve could be the most stressful time of your whole year (Official!)

And what you can do NOW so it isn’t Christmas Eve.  If the ads are to be believed it’s a time [...]

Redundancy…the end or the beginning?

At some point in your life you will either experience redundancy first hand or know someone who [...]

A thought for September

It is September. Autumn is coming in fast. Already we are pulling the curtains much earlier, the [...]

Complimentary Prosecco reception for all your guests when you book your Christmas Event at Balls Brothers Hays Galleria.

Balls Brothers Hays Galleria – Balls Brothers Hays Galleria is a recently refurbished vaulted Bar [...]