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Does your present work plan give you everything you need for your future?

Would you like to boost your monthly income? Do you need to top-up your pension pot? Would [...]

Recruitment is a two-way street.

A couple of job adverts caught my eye this week. An establishment that is open 15 hours a day, 7 [...]

Doodle HR Management Training Academy

A new and exciting module-based course, designed to deliver training to managers of all [...]

WIBN Ireland is on fire!

January 26th 2016 saw the first of the Women In Business Network(WIBN) Ireland group launches in [...]


Hello fellow WIBN members Following requests from my Bath group, I have put together special [...]

How Lizzie’s Members Feel About WIBN

This is a collection of Lizzie Phillips' WIBN members sharing how they feel WIBN has helped [...]

Liverpool does the business!!!

May 4TH 2016. I have just spent a hugely enjoyable couple of hours with the Liverpool “Women [...]

7th Yorkshire Group Launched!

On 18 April over 30 women from Ilkley and the surrounding areas attending the launch in the [...]

Loving the new website…

In this cybercentic highly digitalised world we live in its great to see the WIBN website looking [...]

Myths surrounding broadband and energy

MYTHS If there is a power cut, one particular company [of the Big Six]  is better in this area [...]

Are you doing the night time hokey cokey?

You put your left leg in, you put your left leg out, you put your left leg in and then you shake [...]

Brand Success on Social Media

Your brand should not be something that is established at a point in your business and then left to [...]

Colour in Branding

Colour theory is a central and often overlooked area of design, but it is paramount when it [...]

Are you getting married this Summer?

Are you getting married this Summer? If so, I’m sure that you have already booked your hair and [...]

Have You Worked in the UK or Are You working There Now?

Our latest blog post might be of interest to a lot of WIBN members who have worked overseas. You [...]

Millinery sale!

I am selling a selection of couture millinery at half price or less. These items were made for [...]

Digital Marketing and Your Business

What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is all the activity you do on the internet in order [...]

Top Tips for doing your Spotlight Slot!

Lizzie Phillips shares her personal top tips, to help you prepare for the spotlight speaker slot, a [...]

Brands that Stand Out

Do You Want a Brand that Really Stands Out Of course you do. Its the goal of every successful [...]

Are you confident about bringing in clients?

Do the words rainmaking, networking, business development strike fear in you? If they do, [...]

What is a Naturopath?

A short video where I explain a bit about what a Naturopath is and what makes it a bit different to [...]