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Dream big!

Dream big and then set goals as your journey [...]


We recently helped out this truly dazzling client with their logo and e-signatures, just in time [...]

The Oxford Half Marathon Sunday11 October 2015- my first attempt

When I first signed up for the Oxford Half Marathon, I would never have known where the journey [...]

The Tree Hotels Survery

Dear WIBN friends, In order to ensure we are providing the very best in food, drink, ambience [...]

Women in Business Network announces international expansion

The Women in Business Network is set to launch its first groups outside the UK, thanks to the [...]

Shy Bairn’s Get No Sweets!

How specific are you in your monthly minute? Shy bairn's get no sweets! In other words, if you [...]

How Instamural, my new range of hand painted wall stickers is a WIBN success story

Instamural is my latest venture and one that I am very proud of. It is also a testament to [...]

Women in Journalism Mentoring Opportunity

How would you like your media career to be nurtured by some of the most senior women in the [...]

Equality Workshop on 24th November 2015

Jasmine Gartner and Seema Gill will be presenting a workshop on Equality and Inclusion in the [...]

Choosing the Best Font for Your Branding

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, [...]

Award for Leeds North member!

Massive congratulations to our very own Caraline Bytheway, winner of Insolvency Manager of the Year [...]

Eek! So Excited! The reviews to support my entry into The Best of Business of the Year can now be done via Facebook!

So excited to be entering the The Best Of Business of the Year, an award given to the Best of [...]

6 Top Tips for Cute Cuticles

It seems that no matter how often you book that manicure treatment you seem to still have dry [...]

China Exchange

About China Exchange Dame Vivien Duffield Hou Yifan & Dominic Lawson Sarah [...]

Leeds Central Group launched October 2015

The latest Yorkshire group, Leeds Central launched on 12 October 2015 at The Restaurant Bar and [...]

Networking is like stroking a cat (& more pearls of wisdom!)

  This is copied from my personal blog but wanted to share on the WIBN blog.  I am member [...]

Director of Fun-draising and Communications at this very special charity.

Working with a wonderful group of people, meeting inspirational patients and their relatives and [...]

How the heck do you find a good builder?

In our inaugural blog post, we focussed on how you can effectively interview a builder for your [...]

Climbing Turn: Game of Thrones

We're pleased to say that Richard Bradshaw, the stunt co-ordinator for Game of Thrones and stunt [...]

Chanel inspired bridal headpice

Bridal headpiece made with vintage pearls. I can make headpieces for costume dramas, theatre [...]

Top 10 things to know for New to Cruise

Top 10 things to know for new cruisers, but before we even hit the top 10, always talk to a travel [...]