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Keeping your business body healthy!

This time two years ago, I spent my last day working in HR.  I had handed in my notice three [...]

The #1 simple yet powerful tool to get more local business

Do you have 30 minutes to spare to vastly improve your website’s visibility in search [...]

A thought for June

June already. Where is the year going? Lots of young people taking exams, poor things. Lots of hay [...]

Probationary periods – why bother?

  There is no legal requirement to have a probationary period but by having it written into a [...]

Can classic cars boost your finances as well as your heart rate?

Classic cars can certainly set the pulse racing, but price data shows that over the longer term [...]

Equality in the Workplace – Travel Industry Research

Are you interested in sharing your thoughts on equality in the workplace? Do you work within an [...]

From socially anxious to deliciously confident | How my client transformed her confidence

One of the first questions people ask me is 'why did you choose to be an etiquette coach?' The [...]

Debut nutritional cook-book

Aiming to make food fun and engaging via this nutritional debut cookbook, Nutrition Advisor and [...]

Mass Participation Artwork – Processions Sunday 10th June

PROCESSIONS is a mass participation artwork taking place simultaneously across the UK’s four [...]

Appreciate your freelancers, and be rewarded with their best work

Alongside all that oft-touted freedom and control, freelancing can be a tough gig.   Not that [...]

10 Essentials for Employing People in a Small Business

So, your product or service is looking good, you’ve got all your finances sorted, and you’ve [...]

Being web legal and GDPR compliant

UK businesses have certain legal requirements under UK law. Making sure that you’ve got a legally [...]

What Challenges do you face when trying to maintain a healthy diet?

People who come to my cookery demos are constantly surprised by all the advice and tips I give [...]

7 Steps to Dealing with Family Feuds at your Wedding

With the news breaking today that Ms Meghan Markle's father may not be attending her wedding to HRH [...]



Your first website … starting as you mean to go on.

Fionnulla Brooks AKA Flo is a personal trainer who was looking for her first website. Flo had been [...]

It’s Not Really Work Is It?

Friday 18th May 2018 is National Work from Home Day. Research by the global recruitment company, [...]

What to expect at Glyndebourne

The 2018 Glyndebourne Festival gets underway on 19th May. For those attending for the first time [...]

Why being a visitor magnet is good for business

When you are busy running your business, it can be hard to find the time for networking. Sometimes, [...]

Staying GDPR Compliant – How a HR software helps businesses cope with GDPR

Staying GDPR compliant How HR software helps businesses cope with GDPR   Introduction The way [...]