In response to the evolving COVID-19 situation, we have taken the necessary steps to keep both our Franchisees and Members of the WIBN community safe and minimise any disruption to the support you receive through networking.  We have moved our WIBN meetings online going forward – but don’t worry, it’s the same groups, the same people and at the same time.  We understand that it is a really challenging time for everyone. The uncertainty is palpable and with the children home from school, (and already so in Ireland) we  know it is going to be a difficult time ahead.

Here at WIBN though, we’ve got your back. We know that the most crucial thing we’ve been doing for women for the past 15 years is something that no pandemic can stop – providing support for one another and support for your businesses. The way that we do this has changed, temporarily as we move online, but more than ever, we know that you’ll need the guidance, advice, advocates that being in a WIBN group brings. We’ve seen communities coming together over this virus already and we know that our WIBN community will do that too.  THANK YOU to all our WIBN members for your continued support.   You make this community what it is.

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