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5 More Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Website Content

SEO is not something you deal with once then forget about. Search engines are constantly refining [...]

7 tips for Valentine’s Day with a Bad Back

It’s Valentine’s Day, you really fancy your Beloved, but your back is aching – what to [...]
Work smarter not harder

Working smarter not harder

As a business mentor I work with all sorts of people who want to improve their business performance [...]

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Online Marketing Content

You've launched your website, it looks great and has all the bells and whistles on it that you [...]
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Health & Safety in the workplace

Hello Network Updating your yearly Health & Safety Training is made so much better and [...]
Enhance your innate masculinity

Enhance your innate masculinity!

Cosmetic treatments and aesthetic procedures have long been associated with a predominantly female [...]

A dip on the road to wealth creation

Today saw a bit of a shake-out in equity markets around the world. Whilst it may feel traumatic and [...]

Colour Me Happy 🌈

How do the colours we wear make us feel? A new blog is up ☝🏻Colour Me Happy [...]

Finally We Have Instagram Scheduling. Sort of.

I’m sure social media planners, content creators and influencers around the world are jumping for [...]

Personal Branding: 5 Reasons Why You Must Have a Photo in Your LinkedIn Profile

We all know the stats. LinkedIn profiles with a profile photo are seven times more likely to be [...]

IN THE MOMENT A short film about the nature and WWI commemoration artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

This video from about 4 years ago show some of the work that I was creating at the time and the [...]

London Designers Collective Fashion Networking evening

We are excited to announce the first edition of our brand new Women in Business Networking and [...]

Beat the end of tax year rush

Beat the end of tax year rush - make the most of your valuable tax reliefs! This is a short [...]

Fashion Wellness | How clothes make you feel

Hanging in your wardrobe are not just your favourite and most loved fashion finds but also, [...]

Unpaid invoices?

Turning unpaid invoices into paid ones.... There are fewer things in business more [...]

To use or not to use Personality Profiles

When it comes to business and people development, we believe personality profiles can contribute to [...]

How will Facebook’s changes impact your business page in 2018?

Facebook is often in the news – profits made, fake news, social responsibilities…..but in [...]

What do the new Facebook changes mean for businesses and brands?

Last Friday (12.01.18) Facebook announced that it would be introducing changes to it's news feed [...]

A thought for December

December; and Christmas is hurtling towards us. Advent candles are burning, and calendars being [...]

8 tips for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for 2018 in simple terms

In the ever changing world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), I wanted to share some SEO tips to [...]

A thought for January

January; Christmas has gone (hope it was a happy time for you) and now the new year is upon us. [...]