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Finding hidden assets in divorce proceedings

Lisa Pepper, family lawyer and partner in Osbornes Solicitors, gives her top tip on finding hidden [...]

What happens next now you have become a WIBN member?

Lizzie Phillips, one of the WIBN associates explains what happens next and what you need to do now [...]

Finding hidden assets in divorce proceedings

In this one minute video Lisa Pepper of Osbornes Solicitors explains the strategy needed in divorce [...]

Baby Massage

I have spent the last 8 months completing a baby massage instructor diploma that has been given [...]

We have moved!

We have moved to the Business and Technology Centre in Stevenage.  It's great to be near to other [...]

Workplace First Aid Kits

This weeks topic:  Workplace First Aid kits Some big tips and Legislation on Workplace First [...]

Choosing a First Aid provider!

This weeks topic :  Choosing a First Aid Provider! Some quick but essential tips for your [...]

My Introduction Video!

Welcome Everyone to my firsts ever video blog!! See my YouTube channel for weekly tips and hints [...]

The Importance of Your Printed Materials Matching Your Brand Style

To create and maintain a strong, professional image in the eyes of customers, all aspects of your [...]

Communication – should we go back to basics?

Over the years it has been fascinating to see how communications have changed and how we use [...]

Are you making the most of Google’s Free Tools?

I recently presented at a WIBN event and I shared a number of Google’s free tools that some [...]

10th Anniversary Do

      Take a look to see what to expect at our 10th Anniverary Do, hosted [...]

Lizzie Phillips WIBN ten year top tips – Visiting other groups

Associate Lizzie Phillips is celebrating the WIBN ten year anniversary with top tips. This weeks [...]

Need a Guiding Hand Planning Your Social Media?

Need a Guiding Hand Planning Your Social Media? Do you need a guiding hand to implement your [...]

Will the gender pay gap ever close?

Equal Pay seems to been a hot topic for a very long time so you have to wonder why we just don’t [...]

Is the Family Friendly Club getting a new member? Grandparental Leave

Maternity Leave, Parental Leave, Dependents Leave, Adoption Leave, Paternity leave and of course [...]

Female Founders- Interview

I often get asked what brought me to start the business. Here is the first ever business interview [...]

A Week Without Social Media….

So. I spend most of my working day on social media looking after clients accounts and my own [...]

MINDFULNESS taster session (2 hrs, Sat 26 Sept), Canary Wharf, London, E14

Heard of mindfulness? Want to know how it can improve your effectiveness at work and sense of [...]

Brand vs. Logo

We have touched on this subject before in our series of blogs on branding myths [...]