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Guide to Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Lisa Pepper, Family Lawyer and owner of Osbornes Solicitors explains what needs to be in a [...]

Developing Your Brand – What‘s in a Name?

You have a great idea for a business or are looking at refreshing your existing branding...so how [...]

Good Fat vs Bad Fat vs Good Sugar vs Bad Sugar

Once again, this post has been triggered after reading an article on health in the Daily Mail.  I [...]

GOOGLE NEWS THIS MONTH which may affect your website!

As from this month Google has made some changes to the way it now ranks every website, Google now [...]

Christmas Party Guide

At ITA*, we believe that planning your festive celebration shouldn’t feel like a chore. So, [...]

“Why don’t we go into the garden?” – why care home gardens for dementia are not used more

As a Garden Designer I was asked to redesign several dementia care gardens on the trott so my [...]

Champneys Offer for all our lovely members- Thank you !


Five Must Knows for a safe summer party!

With the summer party season fast approaching, this is the time when the barbecue’s cobwebs are [...]

Another Happy Tenant!

Anne recently moved into the City of Leeds with Martin & Co and is enjoying her new City Life! [...]

Gold Medal Performance!

Rowena Phillips member of Wokingham and Reading groups is a member of ladies Barber Quartet Hot [...]

Why Procrastinators Procrastinate

I had to share this.  It resonated so much with me  - [...]

The power of a 1-2-1

I love having 1-2-1s. Not only is it a great opportunity to get to know my fellow WIBN group [...]

Why inviting visitors to WIBN meetings is so important

I had a great endorsement this week from one of my members about the importance of inviting [...]

Declutter your house, business and your mind!

MEET THE WOMAN BEHIND THE BUSINESS … Your name? Helen Coxon Your business name? DeClutter [...]

Antibiotics, Overuse and Resistance

Antibiotic resistance is a phrase that you hear circulating along with super bugs.  Does this [...]

Sleep Your Way To The Top

Women all over the world are becoming entrepreneurs and building successful businesses. What [...]


Your skin is one of the first things people see when they meet you As shallow as it may seem, [...]

Insiders Guide to New York

It was with intrepidation that I joined the immigration line at JFK Airport in New York. US [...]

Obesity and Plus Sized Models

I think I have written about this a bit before, or at least touched upon different aspects that [...]

First Aid and the TV – Learn your facts from your fiction!

    There are many myths surrounding first aid and medical procedures that [...]