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Obesity and Plus Sized Models

I think I have written about this a bit before, or at least touched upon different aspects that [...]

First Aid and the TV – Learn your facts from your fiction!

    There are many myths surrounding first aid and medical procedures that [...]

Art15 2 for 1 ticket offer

Art15, the third edition of London’s global art fair, returns to Olympia, Kensington for new [...]

Top Tips for Working Mum’s

As we are all Women In Business - I wanted to share an article I wrote on how we keep it all [...]

We are on the Ellis Labs Showcase!

The makers of Expression Engine have chosen one of the websites created by Climbing Turn to be on [...]

A Marvellous Party!


How should I change by tax codes in April 2015 ?

I don’t know if it is just me, but since it’s redesign I am finding information pages on the [...]

The Importance of Branding Research

Loughborough University’s new branding has come under deep scrutiny in the past week, with [...]

What should I say on Twitter?

As I stood in the queue at my local supermarket with my 2 boys recently, I noticed a well-known [...]

Divorce guide


Bonkers…. about business cards!

Ok, I confess... I am a little obsessed with business cards. I’ve collected hundreds over the [...]

Addressing Stress at Work: the Law and Employee Engagement

This seminar is a collaboration between employment lawyer Seema Gill and employee engagement [...]

Limited Company Taxes – The Basics

In this article, we take an overview of the main taxes you will be liable to pay (or collect) as a [...]

Say bye bye to bingo wings!

Bingo wings, bat wings, dinner lady arms, sugar gliders… have you ever sat sweating through a [...]

Testimonial 2015

Wow, our biggest job of the year is now completed, containing over fourteen different [...]

10 fabulous modern ideas on how to wear 70’s fashion

Get some fantastic ideas on what's available on the High Street, by following We Lesser Mortals [...]

Get the New Financial Year off to a Great Start

Are you drowning under paperwork in your small business, you’re not alone. Paperwork may be an [...]


Inflammation is a major problem for a lot of people and causes, or exacerbates, things like [...]

“It’s Your Life Exhibition”

Local health & wellbeing exhibition Sunday April 12th. 10-am-5pm Rivermead Leisure [...]

The Super Sole Trader

We understand the demands and pressure that sole traders are under. So, Specky & Ginge have [...]

Menopause: natural solutions to eradicating hot flushes, weight gain and irritability

Menopause is a natural phase in a woman’s life and the symptoms can be treated naturally too. [...]