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When did your last review your Positioning

When did your last review your Positioning, marketing activity, PR, customer experience and client [...]

Harness the power of Vitamin C!

The chances are you’ll know something about Vitamin C - even if you don’t know anything else [...]

Roaming in the EU with a mobile phone

Using your mobile phone abroad used to be expensive. Prohibitive charges for using data, sending [...]

How Profitable Is Your Business?

Many owners and managers have never been taught this concept and the importance of key financial [...]

Come and celebrate your exclusive ‘Pooch and Pussy’ promotional, pet event!

Lots of us have what we call our 'furry babies' as wonderful additions to our families and our [...]

Little Big Shots

S2 LBS [...]

How to find stories in your business that will get you media coverage!

  If you’re a small business or start-up, getting free, credible PR is vital. Why? [...]

Am I the right person to be your business coach?

Am I the right person to be your business coach? Do You Know What The 4P's Of Business Are? Let's [...]

Social Days of the Week

http://po.st/f4ZpNK June is The Virtual Assistant UK's social media month.  We'll be sharing [...]

Is Etiquette just about using the right fork?

So how do I differ from other Etiquette Coaches in the market and is what I do really relevant [...]

Making the most of LinkedIn for your business

I recently asked the Loughborough WIBN group what they would like me to cover in a blog and making [...]

A thought for June from Your Critical Friend

It is June. The sun has been shining which is just as well as some horrible things are happening [...]

A Great Photograph of Yourself can Boost Your Self Esteem Monumentally – WIBN Member Catherine’s Makeover Photoshoot

Like most of my clients who book a makeover photoshoot with me Catherine was quite camera shy. As a [...]

Menopause Seminar – London, 21st June

Menopause Seminar - The Silent Taboo - 21 June [...]

The Ultimate Guide to… writing the Ultimate Guide!

You’ve probably seen more than a few ‘ultimate guide to…’ and ‘five top tips about…’ [...]

PR vs advertising

This video explains the difference between PR and advertising, two things which often get confused! [...]

I am at peace with the way I look – Author and Alopecia UK Ambassador Sue Hampton shares her story

Just wanted to share this inspiring article written by a local lady with Alopecia whom I [...]

FoundHER, the Festival of Female Founders – London & Manchester

We are delighted to offer Women in Business Network discounted tickets to FoundHER, the Festival of [...]

Business Planning

Do you really need that long, tedious business plan that you have been told you must have? [...]

Best Business Women Awards



With the millions high street brands that surround us, occasions, fashion trends and bloggers, [...]