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asking yourself what a wardrobe detox is and how it works? This brief video will give a taste of [...]

How passive aggression kills team performance and what to do about it

We’ve met many people and worked with many teams and there is one particular behaviour that when [...]

A thought for May from Your Critical Friend

It is May. What a gorgeous month, especially this year. The gardens may be short of water but the [...]

Ten tips to make your social media posts stand out from the crowd

Facebook released figures stating that 1.9 billion users are on Facebook each month and 700 million [...]

10 Online Tools for Busy Leaders in Business

http://po.st/ExcellentOnlineTools Here are some essential tools professionals should be using.  [...]

“The best processes allow you to take control of your business and deliver excellence!”

How efficient is your business? How many tasks could be streamlined or carried out in a more [...]

Great Hospitality- Towcester Racecourse

Do you have a special occasion to celebrate? Why not join us for thrilling greyhound racing every [...]

How to pitch your business to the media with confidence!

So you've got a great story about your business you'd just love to get in the media. So what's [...]

A Day in the Life of A Virtual Assistant

http://po.st/ADayInTheLifeOf When attending networking events, I often see blank faces [...]

The best bosses say these 9 things

Some of my clients are the largest multinationals in the country. It’s always fascinating to see [...]

The ‘gig’ economy

The Work and Pensions Committee (WPC) has called on government to close legislation loopholes, [...]

I followed in the footsteps of Oprah!

It's not every day I can say I've followed in the footsteps of Oprah! Last week I had the amazing [...]

Do you have a millennial at home?

Do you have a millennial at home? People can accomplish some pretty significant things living rent [...]

How to follow up with a journalist (without stalking)

Every journalist hates when someone rings up and says these six dreaded words: "did you get my [...]

How to maximise your hard-earned PR coverage

Have you ever generated some great PR for your business, in the local, national or online media but [...]

Are ‘Art’ and Money More Important Than Respect for the Dead?

I am a member of Leigh on Sea group, an author and speaker. I write novels about my favourite [...]

How passive aggression kills team performance and what to do about it

We’ve met many people and worked with many teams and there is one particular behaviour that, when [...]

Here’s my Top Tips to Working with a Virtual Assistant.

http://po.st/WorkingwithaVA In last week’s blog we spoke about how outsourcing your [...]

Fermented foods, nature’s probiotics

Did you know that fermented foods are rich in Probiotics (substances which stimulate the growth of [...]

Is my business ready for a HMRC inspection?

Nobody relishes the idea of a HMRC inspection. Since 2010 the chances of any business being [...]

We’re not slaves to our hormones!

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘hormones’? Chances are, that it makes you think of [...]