Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!

We understand that it’s a really challenging time for everyone. The uncertainty is palpable and with the kids off from school, (and already so in Ireland) we we know it’s going to be a difficult time ahead.  Here are a few suggestions to keep you going…..

Don’t hide away  – people still want to hear from you – let them know what you’re doing in difficult circumstances to keep things going. Instead show up.

Communication is key – tell people what’s going on.  Are you reducing your hours? providing doorstep delivery?

Do  – be active on social media. If you haven’t been previously make sure you are now. Be honest – it’s a strange time for everyone and say so.

Don’t – be afraid to sell your products and services. It might feel inappropriate but actually it’s not. We all want to try and make things feel as “normal” as possible. Many small businesses will be pivoting and have different needs. Many will have had bookings cancelled but be looking to invest time in an online course for a change of direction – you may be able to help.

Don’t – offer your services for free. Don’t give in to panic. Keep your offers to what may work for you.

Do – think of alternative ways you can be flexible with what you would normally offer. Online networking is a good example and many exercise classes are going online too.

Do – use the time to assess where you can be doing things differently and get around to those “someday” jobs. Work on your website – keep things going where possible.

Did we miss anything? Let us know.