A thought for December

December; and Christmas is hurtling towards us. Advent candles are burning, and calendars being opened. Chocolate and carols are everywhere. Christmas cards are pouring through the letterbox and into the Inbox. It is a happy time but also very busy. We are catching up with the people we will not see over the Christmas and New Year periods; writing cards, packing presents and planning, planning, planning. Everywhere there is happiness and fun! And we have even seen snow and snow people!

Like me I expect you are going to lots of Christmas parties, drinks and meals. Aren’t we fortunate! Lots of lovely people, excitement and laughter. Everyone seems to be looking for a different theme and one of the ones I came across was about props. Which prop might describe your business? What a clever idea.
I thought about it for a while because as a business mentor I use my management experience, and what I know about business methods and human psychology. It is all in my head. Then I had the great awakening!!!!! I do have three tools:

The Torch
My job is to identify the hidden and ignored places in someone’s business or personal performance and then to shine the torch on them; the dark is only scary because you cannot see the threats but if you have a friend with you and a strong torch you can see and deal with them. It might help that I am not frightened of the dark!

The magnifying glass
Once we have found what is lurking in the dark corners then the magnifying glass helps me to focus on it and examine it carefully with the person. What is really going on? And what does it mean? But no Sherlock Holmes’ hat!

The magic wand
Once the situation has been identified and properly analysed then we can build a solution together. There is nothing magic about it, but the person often thinks there is because the answer seems to come out of nowhere; once they focus results come very quickly.

So, what are the tools of your trade? What do they tell you about how you work?

It is a great game if you have nothing else planned for Christmas Day!!!

None of this is original.  I hope it makes you smile.

Have a wonderful Christmas and may 2018 bring you many good things!