A thought for September

It is September and time for my Thought but this month it is not my usual musing.

I have been very fortunate and had a unique, challenging and wise mentor for the last forty years. He always joked and called me his apprentice and it certainly started like that but huge mutual respect and complete trust in each other’s professionalism grew. He believed in me and encouraged me to believe in myself. Over the years we have become the best of friends and he is one of the reasons I do what I do today. He has just died at a ripe old age after a good life. He helped, coached and supported many people; we valued him and were lucky to know him.

Please take time to think about all those who have worked with and supported you, who believed in you and be grateful for them. If the opportunity presents itself please mentor and develop others. Believing in someone else and helping them believe in themselves is the greatest gift you can give and the best legacy you can leave.


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