A Tropic Introduction with special offer

Hello  Ladies,

I’m delighted to have come across and joined the WIBN and I do hope to connect with and support lots of you over the coming weeks, months and years (yes I intend to be around some time!)

I just wanted to briefly introduce myself and let you know about my website.  I am a senior manager with Tropic Skin Care.  Tropic is getting well known through the likes of Dr Foster (actress Suranne Jones recently posting one of our products – Super Greens – on Instagram and telling the world how much she loves it.  Plus we are winning so many awards and being featured in top magazines and with bloggers all the time so our reputation is increasing.  That said, you may still never have come across it so let me enlighten you.

Tropic is a range of 100% natural skin care, natural body care and make up.  It’s freshly handmade to order down in our Surrey Beauty Kitchens and is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, honest, pure and effective.  We never hide ingredients and we ensure you get 30 days to try your products to ensure you’re totally happy with them or you get a full refund.  The company is co-owned by Susan Ma and Lord Alan Sugar (Lord Sugar fired Susie just before the final on the 2011 The Apprentice but then went back to her a year later and they became business partners).

You can’t find Tropic in the shops because Susie has got a natural preservative in her products that lasts a year and lots of shops want product sitting in warehouses for decades and so need harsh preservatives to cope with that.  Susie also wanted to control the price and knew stores and shops would increase it to around the Clarins and Clinique price ranges as it is a luxury, quality products, but Susie wants as many people as possible to access the #GreenBeautyRevolution so chose social selling as a way of keeping the price down (to around the number 7 price range) and offering a high quality customer service.

Susie and Tropic are leading the way in the green beauty revolution and she passionately believes that we should never compromise our health for the sake of beauty; instead look to use the vitamins, antioxidants, nourishment and healing properties found in nature and never put on your skin what you wouldn’t be happy to put in your stomach.

If you’d like to know more please head to my website www.effectiveskincare.co.uk

I am looking to partner with anyone who meets other women regularly, who works with women on skin and health issues, who are interested in health and well being, who enjoy looking after themselves, and those who know men who recognise the need for good skin care regimes.  I will always seek to promote the businesses of others and carry business cards with me and contact details so I can pass these on as opportunity arises.

I am also offering 10% discount on all skin care kits for new customers through WIBN so if you’d like to take advantage of the offer please do contact me.

I look forward to getting to know you all better.

Kat x