A Week Without Social Media….

So. I spend most of my working day on social media looking after clients accounts and my own profiles (and a lot in the evenings too!!!) and normally I am glued to social media whilst on holiday.  This year I thought I needed a complete break and was determined that on this holiday this included social media.

As the time got nearer, I really started to wonder if I could go a whole week without checking Facebook, instagram or Twitter!!!!

As I boarded the plane to sunny Cyprus I could see other passengers quickly uploading their pictures of the plane to Facebook and felt relaxed that this year that would not be me.

Once at the hotel we were given our free WIFI code – choices, choices….

One thing that struck me was how reliant we have become on social media – round the pool everyone was sunbathing whilst checking out Facebook – both young and old! The beach too was full of holiday makers checking their phones.

Even at dinner in the hotel restaurant I could see families with 3-4 devices all connected to the internet and not speaking to each other.  Rather than concentrating on their food, the first question I heard frequently was “what’s your WiFi code?”  Can we not go 40 minutes now without checking out the internet? Has the art of conversation really gone?

As the days past I didn’t have that familiar pull to check online and enjoyed the break.

Did I last the week?

Yes – I missed the buzz and regular updates and the feeling that I was missing out on the conversations that were happening online but have to say it gave me a new perspective to how I would utilise social media in the future and how I can help my clients plan for holiday escapes.

I will admit that I did go back onto Facebook and Twitter the day after returning so I could share photos with friends and family but will certainly be looking at my usage from now on and enjoy little escapes more often.

Do you make social media part of your holiday or do you look forward to a complete break?  We would love to hear your thoughts…