About Circle Squared Collections

About Circle Squared Collections

At Circle Squared, we believe in the old fashioned values of business. When a deal is done and the work is completed, then the agreed payment should be made in full and on time.

When this doesn’t happen, we are here to help you. Our process driven recovery activity is overseen by our collections manager who has over a decade worth of experience in the debt collection industry, along with experience within insolvency practice. Our strategy is simple. We are firm, yet respectful. We appreciate that clients are sometimes hard to come by and we will try to maintain them for you, if appropriate, and educate them of your requirements for future trading along the way.

The financial side of our business is strictly controlled by our in-house, ACCA qualified accountant who oversees the operation of the regulated client account. All activity is carried out in accordance with current legislation and to the highest of industry standards. You can be sure that every step of the way, you are in expert, professional hands and you are giving yourself the maximum chance of recovering your money. Our collections success rate runs at a very impressive 90% plus.

The founders of Circle Squared have operated successful businesses in diverse sectors for many years. Over the years we witnessed a deterioration of the business values that underpin contracts and deals and allow the industry to run smoothly. As well as the stress on the cash flow, more and more time was wasted chasing overdue debts and distracting us from our core business. This is when we decided that we would build a team in order to combat this problem and offer our expertise to other commercial organisations with the same issues.

We are proud of what we now offer to support you and your business. Our testimonials from satisfied clients say it all.