All I want for Christmas is…..

All I want for Christmas is…..

Have you got a wish list for your business this Christmas? Not just stationery, technology and office goodies – I mean the kinds of things that will transform your business in 2019.

Top of my list is finding the right professions to complete my existing groups. By ensuring I have a good mix of businesses, it gives members the best opportunities to collaborate. It’s like the perfect festive chocolate box – lots of delicious flavours that all complement each other. You might not be able to work with all of them, but you’ll know other people who are the perfect match!

So, who am I looking for in 2019? I am particularly keen to connect with:

Estate agents


Funeral Director

HR and Recruitment Consultants


Personal trainers


Social media and Marketing Consultants

Virtual Assistant

So, please get in touch if you want to find out more or if you can put me in touch with someone on my wish list!

Time for reflection

It’s always very busy in the run up to Christmas but I do try to take the time to reflect on the year and to plan for the next one. If you have the opportunity, consider what has worked well for you with your networking. What hasn’t been as successful? Who else do you want to connect with in 2019? And how could you reach more of the people you want to engage with and get the most out of the investment?

One of the options for next year might be to visit another group to meet some fresh faces. You could schedule in one to ones each month to get to know people better. Or how about running a workshop before a meeting to show people what you can do for them? There are many ways to increase your networking success – so just drop me a line if you’d like to explore any of these ideas.

Some ‘you’ time

Many of us will continue to work over the Christmas period. It’s a fact of life that there’s very little down time when you run your own business or work in a busy team. But it’s really important to take some time for yourself, catch up with friends and family if you want to, get outside or just chill out in front of the TV – whatever will help you to unwind and recharge the batteries.

I hope that whatever you do, you feel ready to face 2019 with fresh energy and enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to strengthening my groups even further, creating more opportunities for members to collaborate and developing training sessions which help us to grow in confidence and boost our skills.

So, I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wildly successful 2019!