And this is why I love WIBN!

Today was a great reminder about the power of networking.  After years of doodling on notepads, mulling things over and pondering “What if….” ideas were turned into reality and I launched the new Wishsticks Reflection Cards.  At the launch event, it became noticeable the number of times my introductions between guests contained the phrase “… member of [INSERT LOCATION] WIBN group…”!

It was great to see past and present members, WIBN visitors and friends of WIBN members.  I appreciate the support I received from these wonderful women, each taking time out of their day to help me celebrate the fruition of my project.  Thanks to the power of WIBN bringing everyone together!

If you would like to see the Wishsticks Reflection Cards, please visit A set of 32 individual cards with thought-provoking words and beautiful photography.