Another Happy Tenant!

Anne recently moved into the City of Leeds with Martin & Co and is enjoying her new City Life! Read the attacehd article to find out more….


We recently caught up

with well known Leeds

socialite and new city

dweller Anne McCartney.

Known as ‘Macca’ around

Leeds, Anne has a huge local

presence in the city centre

– she runs her own social

club in Leeds, they meet

every Tuesday in Restaurant

Bar and Grill, and has

worked in the city centre for

PricewaterhouseCoopers for

28 years.

She recently went through the

stressful experience of selling

her house and becoming a first

time renter! Anne shared with

us her experiences of moving

into the city centre and the

service she received at Martin

& Co Leeds City Centre.

Her main issue with her

old home was the stressful

mornings of driving to the

train station, fighting for

parking spots, standing on

cold platforms for late trains

and then walking to the office,

while paying £140 a month in

train tickets for the privilege!

But that was only one of many

reasons, Anne wanted to move

to the city.

Anne stated “I was spending

more and more time in the

city, I worked there and

friends would often go out

there. Everyone wanted to be

there! In the city centre, it’s

so friendly and it’s one big

neighborhood. So I spoke to

Martin & Co about moving and

they told me to concentrate

on location.

The transformation was

amazing – I love living in the

city and wish I had done it

earlier, Martin & Co were so


The role of an estate agent

is so much more than just

finding the perfect place,

though. Packing your bags

and moving is usually a

daunting, horrific experience –

especially when you have to

add the idea of leaving the

property ladder to rent.

“Moving was an anxious time,

I’d never rented before but

they really explained the

whole rental process and it

was an easy transition. The

service was beyond what

you’d expect and all you had

to do to contact them was

lift the phone – they were so

quick to answer questions!”

“They got to know me after

a few meetings and took

such a personal approach to

everything. After one viewing,

Michael Drake from Martin &

Co said ‘I’ve got the perfect

one for you.”

The apartment was

handpicked by Michael who,

after their first couple of

viewings, got to know Anne

personally in order to find her

the best suited apartment.

From there, the ball just

rolled. Anne moved into the

luxurious Victoria Quays,

consisting of 121 apartments

with great location, good

quality fittings and off street

parking – as well as being only

a stones throw away from all

the top bars in Leeds.

For a girl about town like

Anne it’s perfect!

“I now have the freedom to

meet friends for impromptu

drinks rather than needing

two hours notice! It’s a

15 minute stroll along the

riverbank to my office in

the morning rather than the

commute from Skipton I put

up with for 30 years!”

Martin & Co didn’t stop

there, though. With regular

visits and check-ins, they are

continuing to help Anne out

and make sure she is settled

into her apartment and

settled into city living as they

continue to go beyond what is

required of them!

Martin & Co Leeds City is

more than just a lettings and

sales business renting and

selling properties to people.

They are a people business

– matching people to

properties, taking care of

landlords, tenants, buyers,

sellers, investors and their

business partners.

You can drop them an email at:

[email protected] or

give them a call on

0113 245 7174.