Are you guilty of avoiding self care?

The assumption in today’s age of technology, is that we are always available. Always accessible. Always on!

But is this right?

Should we feel ashamed when we want to hide from the world? When we simply need a break.

The concept of self-care can be a challenging one. We find it easy to show compassion and understanding to others when they need it. Caring for ourselves can feel like you are being lazy or letting the team down.

However, the relationship you have with yourself is arguably the most important one you will ever experience. You need to make sure that you are OK!

You can show yourself compassion by taking the time to rest when you need to. This can take work and needs practice. It involves being aware, but not overwhelmed, by your flaws and learning to recognise the signs that you need some space to relax.

Another way to care for yourself is to allow yourself to spread the load. Delegating tasks is not a sign of failure; it is a sign of good time management and efficiency. By outsourcing tasks, you can give yourself the freedom to self-care, whilst also ensuring that work keeps on getting done.

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