Are your blogs out of date?

When it comes to the content on your website, keeping it up to date can feel like a never-ending battle.

I see it most often when it comes to blogs.

I’m sure you can relate: In a rush of excitement, you decide to write a blog. You know it will mean you have something to share on social media; you want to add it to your newsletter; you are sure it will show the depth of your skills and experience to visitors to your site.

So, your first blog is written and posted. Great!

Writing the second one is more of a challenge – you are a busy business owner, after all.

The next one is late but you finally get it out there after a bit of a gap.

After that, you simply don’t have time – and it wasn’t as if you got any sales as a result of posting them. There are other fish to fry.

But here’s the thing….

Before you know it, those three blogs are over a year old and anyone who visits your website and notices this will either wonder if you are as inconsistent when dealing with customers (i.e. them!) or, even worse. will think the business may not be trading and will move on.

Blogging is a slow burn and consistency is key. So, if you plan to blog, make sure you can do it regularly. And, if you have out of date blogs on your site take them down. Not blogging is a better message than I don’t finish what I start.