Ask for Help!

Hazel Theocharous - what is your vision?

However simple this may sound to you – ASK FOR HELP!

One of the things I think we all forget to do  – is Ask for Help!

Yes, I know – sounds too simple, but most of us are too scared to ask for help! The only way for us to move our businesses forward to is to put up our hand and ask a question which has been haunting us for too long.

There is always someone out there to help you as we all have a different expertise to share.

Imagine that you are a florist and your strength is obviously choosing the best flowers for any occasion, however you are not as great at getting your accounts ready for your accountant or bookkeeper.  Your accountant is suddenly in a position where she has to prepare some flowers for her wedding day….

Easy example, but if as the florist you ask for help to get your accounts in order – you will feel less stressed, and if your accountants picks up the phone and asks for advice on her flowers, she will be less stressed!

Voila – a perfect example of how two business owners can assist each other but only after they Ask For Help!

In our personal lives we seem to not need to wait to ask for help – if our car breaks down we call a mechanic, if our tap leaks we call a plumber…  So why is it any different when we are in business?

So don’t procrastinate any longer – ASK FOR HELP today!

Hazel, Learn Grow Transform