Do you have black, black and more black in your wardrobe?

Do you have clothes that you just don’t wear?

Have you worn something only the once and left it hanging in your wardrobe?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions you would benefit from Colour Analysis.

Colour analysis is done by using different coloured drapes to determine firstly whether your a warm or a cool skin tone. Then to arrive at your season which will be either a warm Spring or Autumn or a cool Winter or Summer. I know Summer is a hot season but the colour palate is cool, pretty colours. Your Itsmycolour style expert will then apply your seasonal make-up and then pick out your “wow” colours and hand you your gorgeous seasonal fan containing not only all your colours but also helpful tips on accessorising, shoe colours, hair colour, even the colour of specs. you should wear. Pop the seasonal fan into your handbag and never get it wrong again.

You’ll feel comfortable and confident and, yes, the compliments will roll in!

Contact today to find out more or visit my Facebook page to see before and after photos! Cheryl x “