Beautiful Healthy Home – A New Holistic Interior Design Business

Hello, my name is Zoë and I am delighted to be a part of the Women in Business Network. This seems such a great place full of inspiring women, with different outlooks and successful stories. I am looking forward to networking with you.

I have recently launched an interior design service called Beautiful Healthy Home. Designing beautiful interiors with a focus on healthier indoor environments is a passion of mine.

I work with natural materials, pairing them with classic vintage pieces to create a sense of welcoming calmness that will stand the test of time. A space that is beautiful can give great pleasure but one that is seamlessly functional, supports your preferred lifestyle and is free from toxins, will contribute to a greater sense of well-being.

My healthier design principles are underpinned with the ethos that I try to make as little an impact upon earth’s resources as possible. By taking an holistic approach to design I ensure we consider all aspects of your space: getting the flow right through proper spacial planning; ensuring the functionality supports your lifestyle by decluttering, organising and choosing furniture fit for purpose; evaluating different lighting options from natural to task lighting and many other aspects of design that will all come together to provide you with a space that works for you.

I initially worked as a fashion buyer in London, but after realising I was dreaming about textiles and prints on home furnishings rather than clothing, I knew that I wanted to move into interior design. After several unplanned twists and turns to life I finally managed to retrain and achieved an interior design diploma at the Interior Design Institute. At that time I also began questioning the kind of indoor environment I was providing for my children. I strongly felt that at the core of any design project I needed to have strong healthy design principles.

So I began researching where our homewares come from and how they are produced. I was shocked to discover that where our furniture, bedding and textiles used to be untreated woods and natural fibres, we are now increasingly exposed to flame-retardants, polyurethanes, formaldehyde and solvents etc. The list of chemicals is endless! Many of these chemicals that have allowed for cheaper production (and in turn driven a boom in homeware and DIY product consumption), are actually linked to serious health problems.

I knew I only wanted to offer design solutions and homeware products that would benefit a client’s health and lifestyle and not be detrimental. So Beautiful Healthy Home was born.

Exploring what kinds of tastes in furnishings and preferred interior styles a client has, is part of the fun. I then offer colour and print suggestions that will work within their home.

You will feel more positive and stress-free living in a space that is not only beautiful and organised but healthy too.

If this rings a bell with you please stay tuned for future posts as I will be blogging helpful tips on how to create a beautiful healthy home over the next few weeks and months. And if you are interested in a consultation, I am happy to have a free chat first so please do contact me below.

I look forward to speaking to you either on the phone or on Zoom at one of the next WIBN meetings.


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