Bespoke Private Medical Insurance for Self-Employed Individuals

I specialise in providing high quality private medical insurance for self-employed individuals, professionals, families, multi-families and small businesses. Have you considered what would happen to your business if you suddenly became ill, too ill to work? With lengthy waits on the NHS, more and more people are keen to be able to get access to speedy diagnosis and treatment, which is exactly where Private Medical comes in to play.

The plans I offer don’t restrict where, when or who you see – it’s your health so we feel this should be your choice.

For a no obligation quote or to see how affordable our premiums are, please do get in touch as I will be happy to help and can explain how we are unique.

We have a current promotion of partner goes free for the first year and 10% discount in the second year, so there is no better time to look at getting cover. If you want cover just for yourself, then there is a 25%/10% discount available to you.

Your life matters……

Michelle Wimsey

Director, Hadham Health Ltd