Big Top Ball 2016: Cancer Charity Launch

We are delighted to announce the official launch of a brand new charity, aimed at supporting young women diagnosed with breast cancer. You can find more information about the charity at

Below are the details for our spectacular launch. Tickets can be purchased at and all tables purchased before the 31st July 2016 using the access code UPLIFT10 will unlock a special 10% discount!




Please share this invitation with anyone that you think may be interested.


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Uplift is a start up charity dedicated to providing support to young women with breast cancer. It is inspired by a 31 year old who discovered that she did not fit the stereotype of a breast cancer patient. She learnt that young women in her situation have specific emotional and practical needs that existing support networks, challenged to serve a wide range of patients, find difficult to meet in full.

Founded in early 2016, Uplift will fill the gap by funding and facilitating essential support groups specially aimed at bringing young people together. Uplift will provide events and an environment where sufferers and their supporters can gather together and enjoy life – an environment where although sufferers are aware that their mortality hangs in the balance, the focus is on a positive environment.

This will include providing online support, meeting networks, events and retreats where young women with breast cancer can share their experiences and find information about how best to cope with the emotional and physical strain of cancer and treatment.