Book Launch success with WIBN and Siobhan Fitzpatrick

Johann Callaghan had a very successful night at the launch of her new book ‘How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep’ and was delighted to share her success with WIBN associate Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Karen Draper, Laurie  and Antoinette-Coleman Kelly.

Many people turned up to express their support and interest in Johann’s new book which is an easy read and backed up with a lot of research.

Johann feels very strongly about the lack of understanding around sleep in our busy world, especially for kids. She wants to empower people to change their way of thinking around sleep by helping them understand it and respect sleep again and informing people how sleep affects us in all aspects of life, physically, emotionally and mentally and how it is very strongly linked to diseases and ill health namely obesity, type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

This book has been endorsed by 3 times best seller and professional speaker, Donna Kennedy (,Health and Nutritionist Expert, Dr Gloriane Giovannelli ( and Hay House Author and a natural intuitive sensitive, Heidi Sawyer (, featured in publications around the world and her online courses are sold in 55 countries.
This book is intended to empower men and women to make their own informed choices to help them overcome difficulties around sleeping, helping them to live a healthier and happier life.
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