Brand Consistency demands Change

I often hear relatively young SME’s talking about re-branding, but should agencies and consultants always accept the job?

I recently read a good article by Mark Ritson in Marketing Week on rebranding v revitalisation and it raised some really interesting points. Although he usually writes about larger corporations, what he says is applicable to small businesses too.

After the initial start-up phase of SME’s, these fledgling businesses may feel the original view they had of how they should project their brand no longer fits with the reality they are working in. In situations like these, it’s easy to dive into a rebrand.

But wait, do you really want to undo all that awareness you built?

Do you need to invest all that time and money to start all over again?

What if, instead, you looked at the reasons you started the business and the essence of the brand you created, and then looked for ways to revitalise it?


We are constantly told to be consistent, but consistency relates to our brand essence and not its final execution.  The key to a strong brand is to keep its core values consistent, but to also adapt how you express those values over time.  This will keep you relevant to your ideal customers, which is at the heart of creating #Brilliantbrands

If you are looking to revitalise your brand, Mark Ritson’s article here provides some good tips. Otherwise here are a few of my own thoughts to get you started:

  1. It takes a long time to build a brand, so make sure you invest some time in finding out why it isn’t working for you. For example, if a media campaign leads to an increase in your social media following but no increase in sales, it doesn’t mean your brand isn’t working. Indeed, the fact that people want to connect with you on social media, means they like you. So what’s in the way of the sale? It could simply be the timing, or perhaps they love what you do but there is something missing in the product / service portfolio.
  2. Take a step back and think about when your business was originally set up and the brand you created at the time. What were you trying to achieve? How did you want to do that? How did you want to come across? Now think about today, and what still rings true today? What would you need to do to your brand to stay relevant?
  3. If you have no awareness at all, and your brand has evolved overtime by accident, rather than in a considered way.…then maybe that’s the rare instance when a full re-brand is due.

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