Brand new mindfulness Pilates podcast reduce hip and back pain with WIBN member guest Julie New

Celebrating my First ever Mindfulness Pilates podcast is out today with special guest, fellow WIBN member Julie New (who is also my sister!!), 1 way to reduce back and hip pain and lots more than that!!. Julie, thank you so much for sharing your pilates journey. You’ve done so well this year, well done. Be proud of yourself, keep moving. I love how you can hear sweep the cat 🐱 miaoww!! 😀 also you get to indulge in a Maldives 5 minute relaxation at the end! Inspired by Julie as this is where you went on your honeymoon! Listen here

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Love to hear if you take a listen

Love Bev

Beverley Densham BSc (Hons)

Pilates teacher of 22 years

Reduce back pain and feel good with mindfulness pilates